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Next Generation Sales Order Management software helps improve customer service and increase revenue. Service representatives can access real-time, company-wide inventory availability, and the system automatically references a customer’s unique processing options. This occurs while product promotions and other suggested up-selling prompts help the customer service representative expand your average order value. Various order types, multiple inventory sourcing options, and flexible pricing options are accommodated. Sales Order Management is seamlessly integrated with other Next Generation system modules and provides immediate information about customers, products and historical information so that you can enter orders quickly and accurately.

Credit checks are automatically performed, regardless of how orders enter the Sales Order Management system. If an order is entered online by a customer service representative, the representative is automatically notified of any potential credit problems. Credit managers have full visibility to sales orders that are placed on credit hold, and are provided with up to date customer information to assist in the credit review process when releasing an order from credit hold.

As customer demand enters the Sales Order Management system, inventory is automatically committed and back-orders created for any out of stock situations. The system also provides access to inventory in all company locations, and can split orders among multiple sources of supply, including other branches and vendors.

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Key Sales Order Management Features

  • Agile order entry, review, and maintenance options
  • Fully integrated B2B and B2C Internet-based processing options
  • Flexible customer lookup capabilities
  • Real-time order status and inventory availability information
  • Weight capture for items sold by weight
  • Buy, sell and stock in different units of measure
  • Credit checking
  • Freight Management integration to UPS, FedEx and USPS
  • Sales Commissions
  • Fully integrated with third party Point of Sale (POS) and Credit Card processing
  • Order templates, guides and up-sell tools
  • Order types include regular, drop ship, future, standing, blanket and branch transfer
  • Easy follow-up process for turning quotes into orders
  • Provision for kits, value-adds, and light assembly or work orders
  • Multiple backorder processing options
  • Optional distribution of one order to multiple shipping sources
  • Audit trail tracks all changes to an order

e-Commerce – Next Generation e-Commerce allows you to establish closer business relationships with your customers by providing them secured access to the system over the internet. With a browser, customers can easily place orders, check stock availability, look at their account status and determine the status of their orders. In today’s internet age, customers expect the flexibility of being able to access information and enter orders at any time, from practically anywhere. The e-Commerce module of Next Generation enables this capability while improving customer service and driving up revenues.

Pricing – Next Generation Pricing provides the flexibility and accuracy needed by distributors to maintain standard price levels and profit margins for inventory items. The pricing engine automatically calculates the price for each sales order line by going through a multi-step hierarchy, so the distributor is not dependent on a sales representative or order entry clerk to determine prices. However, to provide maximum flexibility, with proper authorization sales representatives and order entry clerks are empowered to override the system-suggested price with an audit trail of such overrides.

Billing – Next Generation Billing provides instant access to online, up to date customer billing information and is seamlessly integrated with other Next Generation distribution software modules. Productivity and accuracy are increased by enabling each distributor to create their own billing flow, complete with prompts to collect required information during the invoicing process. Invoice, credit memo, debit & credit adjustment transactions for standard, branch transfer and drop ship orders are all supported. Additional capabilities include the ability to print at time of entry, duplicate printing, minimum invoice amount surcharge, standing and repetitive invoices and an audit trail of changes.

Sales Analysis – Next Generation Sales Analysis allows distributors to run comparative, summary or detailed reports that identify your most loyal customers, your most profitable items and your best salespeople. Analyze customer and item sales, cost of goods sold, sales tax, sales commissions and rebates. A secure dashboard highlights key sales and financial indicators of your business. The Sales Analysis module is a valuable management tool as it allows you to evaluate products, identify sales trends, and rank customers, enabling more informed marketing decisions.   

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"The software is a tool for our sales people. They get CRM updates online and do sales analysis on the road. The more touches you can have with the customer, the better. We're very happy with the B2B module, and the customers really like it as well. We have seen a 10% to 15% increase in sales volume with the E-Commerce B2B Module."

Director of IS, Robocom Customer 

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